Information for beginners and novices:

Learning to ride does not immediately require large amounts of expensive and specialist equipment.
– Clothing for riding should be comfortable, allow a full range of movement, and be close enough fitted not to catch in equipment. Long, snug-fitting trousers and a top that covers your shoulders are generally a good choice. Also bear in mind that horses often choose to express their affection by covering you in slobber and/or sweat!
– Shoes should be closed and have a small heel for safety. Thick treads are not permitted.
– Hats can be hired from Springhill Stables. Should you have you own it must conform to current safety standards.

Intermediate and advanced riders:

Hill Top Equestrian Centre do not have equipment to hire or borrow with the exception of short sticks. You should come in safe appropriate equipment, with your own helmet which conforms to current safety standards.