The university riding club are proud to be supporting the local branch of Riding for the Disabled (RDA) both financially and practically. The novice representative Kirsty and our publicity officer Dominique (dh50) coordinates a group of volunteers during term time who assist with the club’s training, so if you would like to get involved please get in touch on kj292.

Information about our local group can be found here:

On Monday the 20th of October, four of the group presented a musical ride at the huge regional conference, at Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre, an amazing international event venue. The four horses had a little holiday, and the four young ladies rode an excellent routine wearing costumes recycled from Olympia!  I got to spend a day loading and unloading horses, doing show prep and leading the horses in the warm up, and then ‘spotting’ (standing to attention in a corner of the arena, ‘just in case’). What really moved me, other than the amazing unity of the ride and the unspoken communication between the riders, was when one of the horses decided to stop (nature calls!) in the middle of the ride. Many riders would have become really cross with the horse, especially given the size of the event and the nerves that must have been jangling, but Victor’s rider merely asked him forward, then when he refused let him do his business, then gave him a pat and caught up with the ride. It was really lovely, and I wish more riders were that sympathetic and gentle with their mounts.

The wonderful ladies of the Cambs college RDA group made a huge effort for this event, and I’m so grateful for their welcoming of me into their team. Huge thanks are also due to Constance and Dominique for their time and energy every week in coming along to lessons, and to Roland for turning up on Sunday evening to help with our dress rehearsal. You guys are all amazing. If anyone else wants to get involved with the RDA group (we can often help with transport), drop one of us an email. We are also supporting the group financially this year in our fundraising efforts, so please do be generous whenever possible!