Lesson Prices and How to Pay


Beginner and novice lessons

  • £30 for group lessons/45 min semi-private/30 min private
  • £24 for 30 min semi-private
  • If you accept a lift to the yard, please give your driver £3 in cash

Hill Top

  • £32 dressage lesson
  • £35 jumping lesson
  • If you accept a lift to the yard, add £3 to the cost of your lesson when you pay the club. So if you get a lift to a dressage lesson, pay the club £35, and for a jumping lesson, £38.
  • If you are the driver for the lesson please deduct £3 per passenger to cover your petrol cost, so if you take two people to a dressage lesson, you pay the club £32 – £3 – £3= £26.

Any queries about how much you should be paying, please feel free to email your lesson coordinator:

Springhill: @  or Hilltop:

In order for us to be able to identify your payment, use the following format for the ‘payment reference*’:
First your CRSID (this is the part of your email address before the @cam.ac.uk), then the 3 letter code for the stables (SPR for Springhill Stables and HIL for Hill Top Equestrian Centre (Yelling)). Finally the date of you lesson in the format DD/MM/YY

For example, if Tamsin has a lesson at Springhill on the 5th Oct, the reference is:
TAS46 SPR 05/10/11

And if Steph is riding the next day at Hill Top:
SKWN2 HIL 06/10/11

The club account details are:

Cambridge Uni Riding Club
Bank: Barclays
Sort Code: 20-17-19
Account Number: 70206350