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Contact Information

If you have any enquiries about lessons or matters relating to Hilltop, please feel free to contact me at <yq254@cam.ac.uk/Whatsapp number: 07423662581>.


Riding Standards 

Currently, Hilltop only offers lessons for riders who are considered at intermediate and advanced level. Please refer to our website here for what this means.

If you are unsure, it is recommended to start at Springhill then move to Hilltop if you find it would be more suitable for you.

If you consider yourself transitional, we suggest you try and sign up to the lessons¬†on Wednesday evenings. However, most lessons are open order so mixed ability classes¬†tend not to impact on the lesson ‚Äď the instructor can help you as much as you need.

Required Equipment 

  1. Helmet – Hilltop will provide helmets, but you may wish to purchase and bring your own helmet. Your helmet must be of an approved standard ‚Äď more information can be found on our¬†website, here.
  2. Boots – Any shoe with a small heel. No trainers.
  3. Clothes – Appropriate clothes for exercise and possible cold weather.
  4. Others РBody protectors are optional and all equipment for the horses will be provided by the stable. Crops are available to borrow at the stable, if you need one.

You can buy equipment online (though it is highly recommended to buy a hat in new condition rather than second-hand!) or in shops such as Decathlon.

Signing Up (Term Time) 

Every Thursday, a signup sheet will be emailed to the mailing list:


I will fill in the day/date/time, and if the lesson is dressage only or if it is jumping or dressage. If the lesson can be jumping or dressage, the first driver to sign up gets the overall decision. If you are not a driver and have a preference, you could always mention it in the space on the spreadsheet! Sometimes I may not have confirmed the type yet, in which case please put a preference so I know what I need to check!

Please do not tick the “confirmed” or “paid” boxes when signing up for lessons. The deadline for signups is midday Saturday. When I have confirmed the lessons with Hilltop, I will send out another email (usually a few days after the first email). Then, please pay for your lessons and tick the ‚Äúpaid‚ÄĚ column in the spreadsheet.

Signing Up (Holiday Time) 

A spreadsheet in similar format to above will be sent at the beginning of the vacation, but with all of the vacation lessons available for signup. Lesson confirmations will be sent out each as usual and the same sign up rules will apply, but there will be no weekly Thursday email.

You can continue to sign up to lessons throughout the holidays. The deadline will be¬†the same each week ‚Äď midday Saturday. I will lock the appropriate section of the¬†spreadsheet each week but the rest will remain open.

Getting to Lessons 

Address: Hill Top Equestrian Centre, High Street, Yelling, Cambridgeshire, PE19 6SD. Hill Top is too far to cycle and there are buses, so you will need to drive/get a lift/share a taxi (the club cannot subsidise the latter).

If you have a car available and you are interested in bringing it to Cambridge to help drive to lessons, please email Millie at curcpresident@gmail.com and she will help you with a letter requesting permission to have the car in Cambridge.


Dressage lessons cost £32 and jumping £35.

During Term: 

If you accept a lift to the lesson, add £3 to the price.

If you give lifts to the lesson, subtract £3 from the price for every other rider you give a lift to.

Payments to be made to the club via bank transfer:

Cambridge Uni Riding Club 

Bank: Barclays 

Sort Code: 20-17-19 

Account Number: 70206350 

Reference: CRSid HIL date (DD/MM/YY) e.g. LCW43HIL05/10/20


During Holidays: 

If you accept a lift to the lesson, pay your driver £3.

Lesson payments (without fuel additions/deductions) to be made to Hill Top via bank transfer:

Hill Top Equestrian Centre 

Bank: HSBC 

Sort Code: 40-40-35 

Account Number: 11411926 

Reference: Name and lesson date 


If you need to cancel or change a lesson before the sign-up deadline, then please take your name and all details off the spreadsheet to give other riders a chance to sign up. Please be very careful when you remove your name to not remove any other riders.

If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your lesson, you will still have to pay.  Please tell me and your driver/riders you’re driving if this happens.

To allow fair time for me to respond to your cancellation and tell the stables in good time, if you know you have to cancel please let me know no later than midday the day before your lesson to avoid losing your money.

This applies to both termtime and holiday lessons.




What has happened?  Who do you need to tell?
You need to cancel your lesson Email the rep letting them know you can’t make it, so the lesson can be opened up to other riders. However, if you cancel less than 48h before your lesson, you must still pay for your lesson unless someone else takes your slot. If we find that you are repeatedly cancelling lessons last-minute, or not paying for a lesson cancelled less than 48h before, we may be forced to remove your riding club subscription without a refund.
You are running late Your driver – find their number on the spreadsheet. If you are the driver/there is no driver, contact Sharon at Hilltop directly: 07542734987. Please try not to be late as lesson time is very valuable and other riders who didn’t manage to sign up, could be riding during the time you’re late!
Someone else does not turn up for the lesson Contact the missing rider

Then myself, if the wait time has passed (suggested 10 minutes) and you have left for the lesson

Someone unexpected turns up Myself

If you know there is space in the lesson and you can get in touch with Sharon/Hilltop then you can directly ask if they can be added to the lesson, and let me know later. If there are already 4 riders signed up then they cannot ride.

You or someone else has had an accident/injury/incident/etc. while at Hilltop Myself

Please report these so we can follow the appropriate procedures as a club