Cuppers and competitions within the club

Internal competitions (โ€˜Cuppersโ€™) are organised throughout the year, giving Club riders a chance to compete against each other. The two main competitions are Dressage Cuppers in Michaelmas term (October-December) and Show Jumping Cuppers at the end of Lent term (January-March). These are held at Hill Top Equestrian Centre and are open to intermediate/advanced riders, and those who are transitioning from Springhill to Hill Top.

A gymkhana (games competition) and basic dressage competition for Novices and Beginners is also held at Springhill Stables in Lent term. These are chances for our new riders to have a first taste of competition riding and to get their rosette collection started, whilst having a fun day out.

Not all our members, even some more advanced riders, will have had much of an opportunity to compete before coming to Cambridge, so Cuppers are a fantastic way to get competition experience in a low-stress, friendly environment. Depending on demand, we may also hold dressage and show jumping riding clinics in Michaelmas and Lent terms usually the weekend before the competition date. These clinics provide the opportunity for riders to ride their dressage test and/or show jumping course whilst receiving advice from Sharon and riding team members, to prepare them for the upcoming competition and enable them to build confidence.